The story of “Humilious” came to acclaimed writer, director, producer Robert Catalusci, after he found himself fascinated with Los Angeles City Hall during his nightly bike rides there .

He was compelled to write the screenplay after these remote viewings, drawing further inspiration from each visit. The story was further fueled by the works of Alister Crowley and Rudolf Steiner, as well as the Egyptian Book of the Dead, plus technical studies on black holes and dark matter. But for Catalusci, the historic floor plan of Los Angeles City Hall played the most pivotal role. “My work is very site-specific as I work with interior or exterior elements that tell me what the piece should be,” Catalusci explains.

“I began sneaking into the four court at City Hall after midnight in order to draw the floor plan. As a result of doing this, I realized it was built for a reason. It was a portal built by Templar’s and after I figured out the mathematical proportions, Humilious became clear to me. “Every aspect of the production has been carefully curated by Catalusci, right down to the costumes, where he drew inspiration from the infamous architecture of Los Angeles City Hall.

Through aura readings and serendipitous connections, Catalusci has assembled a dream collection of collaborators to help bring his vision to life, with Smash LeFunk serving as Director of Photography, as well as a lively original score from Big Swede. The end result is an original play that is anything but ordinary, with life-affirming themes will be discussed long the stage curtain has closed.